Want to add your testimony or thoughts to the list.

"Grace’s Pantry has been a blessing to us. As a single mother, taking care of a failing 85 year old mother and 2 children one with autism, I could not make ends meat any other way. God Bless the Pastor and all the volunteers." T.B 

"With the job market not doing well, steady work is have to find. The pantry helps tremendously with having food in the house I am glad I found it!" G.D.

"The pantry means survival to our family like many families’ we are going through financial hardship. We lost our home to foreclosure. We are unemployed and disabled but still blessed because of this pantry." B.L. & A.M.

"If it wasn’t for the pantry at times we wouldn’t have enough to eat. I want to thank everyone and I pray for enough to eat. I want to thank everyone and I pray for each person who is involved in this pantry. Praising God for this help and what he has done for us. My husband is disabled and we live from Month to Month. Thank you God Bless you." V.L. 

"The pantry to my family as well as myself is a true blessing. We have been able to have dinner because of the Pantry. Every night for dinner my 4 year old daughter prays for the pantry so Lord may bless everyone who has prepared the boxes for us to have daily bread. Thank you to all and many blessings always." B.A.
"I have lost 26 LBS, and people told me “I did not want to ask because I felt there were other people who needed this food more than me. When I started passing out, I swallowed my pride and started coming here. You probably saved me from starving. Words cannot express my thanks to this pantry. I am learning humility and how to be thankful for any food I am able to receive." J.M.
"I thank God for the pantry because there have been times when my pantry has been empty. God always seems to know what I need and sends it through your pantry. Thank you Jesus." L.E.